Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tell me Toni Tony Tone, Do you know what today is?

6 years. 6 crazy, difficult, wonderful years have passed since Dave and I first met and all i can think is...son of a bitch...we're old. To mark the occasion I bought Dave, 'Mr. Astronomy himself', a star. Well actually I bought Dave an expensive piece of paper, as the name isn't recognised by anyone outside of the International Star Registry, but that's OK. Ready for cheesy? The star can be found within the coordinates of 11/1 (our anniversary) Aww within the Virgo (Dave's birthday) constellation AWWWW. Along with the star Dave got my signature message pie. A pumpkin and molasses pie with cutout stars and the mathematical symbol of pi cause I'm punny and Dave's a big ole geek.

Plus some records as mentioned in the post below.

2 Eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp ground Cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1 can solid pack pumpkin (15 oz)
3 tablespoons molasses
3/4 cup evaporated milk

Line a 9 inch pie plate with dough and set aside
beat together eggs cinnamon salt ginger nutmeg and and sugar, beat in pumpkin and molasses, gradually add milk, pour into crust and cover edges with tinfoil. Cook at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, remove foil and reduce heat to 350 and cook for 28-30 min (until knife inserted in the center comes out clean) cool for 2 hours and serve chilled.

Semi Sweet pie crust for Squash Pie or Custard Pies (from The Pie Book by Louis P. De Gouy)
1 1/4 cups Flour
1/4 tsp Salt
1 1/4 powdered skim milk
1 tsp corn syrup
2 1/2 Tbsp Water
1/3 cup shortening

Mix together don't chill roll out and bake

I'm into
Peter Hunt, a folk artist from Cape Cod. After a few subtle hints, and a not so subtle email with direct links, carefully price-shopped and subtotaled, Dave fed my Peter Hunt obsession by buying some out of print/hard to find books; Peter Hunt's Cape Cod Cookbook, Peter Hunt's workbook, Peter Hunt's How to Do It Book, a copy of the Oct 1971 Playboy with Darine Stern the first black woman on the cover of Playboy (and as it turns out isn't featured in the magazine itself. Boo) and finally service coupons (1 free back rub, will cook romantic dinner etc) Wow. What a man!!

For our super special anniversary dinner we dined at The Gourmet Dumpling House. Best Chinese food in Chinatown. And cheap. Not kidding, I could hand them $100 bill and walk out with the deed to the place and 3 orders of scallion pancakes.

The rest of the night we spent quietly at home listening to Dave's new records (see post below) and reading our fortunes. We read tarot, tea leaves, palms all with pretty much the same result; "You have a nice relationship buttttt....yadda yadda yadda". Bullshit. I broke out my 4th grade paper folding skills and whipped up a fortune teller.

Dave's Fortune: We will marry in Vegas,buy a '52 Airstream and live nomadic lifestyle. I (Angie) will make cheap jewelry, handmade scrunchies, and hash brownies and sell them roadside, you (Dave) will grow a survivalist beard, whittle little animals out of soap and wood, and do odd jobs for locals. 2 of our children will sing and play guitar for the spare change of passerbyers. Our less musically inclined 3rd child will pick the pockets of those who don't financially support our artistic contributions.

My Fortune: You will go broke, and die alone in a house fire caused by a rogue cigarette ash discarded in a pile of stacked newspapers and fossilised cat turds.

annndd this is why I'm a Cathloic.

Happy Anniversary baby :)


  1. *take two* apparently my first comment didn't save!!! arg.

    Congratulations to both of you on your anniversary. <3<3<3

    *dork jealousy moment* I wish I had a star.

    Awww pie, I love pie, I miss pie. Silly diet.

    You guys look like you had a lovely day together, did I mention I love you both?


  2. *tap tap tap*

    take three, and ACTION!!!

    Happy anniversary to you two kooky kids. <3<3<3 You look like you had such a lovely day. And I will say that I'm dorkishly jealous that I don't also have a star.

    Lovely pie, damn diet, lovely pie...

    and if this comment doesn't post, I'm blowing up blogspot with TNT.

  3. Oh sure, now my second post shows up. Well, now you know how much I love pie... I mean you, I love you.

  4. Since I don't have a blog of my own I will have to use this post to post my own blog of the same night. Lets first say that the pie didn't stand a chance to last one day it was amazing I can even say that it is better than the one my mother makes it is also alot easier to say that when I know she isn't going to read this blog.

    I can't wait to be able to see the star that she got named after me there are so many lights here in Salem,Ma that I can't quite make it out but I still know it is there I have always thought that everyone should name things after me. haha.

    The dumplings were great I had soo many of them but I am bummed that angela erased her picture off of the camera because she should also be in the pictures anniversary and all. All of the hand models are angela's though she says that counts but I don't believe her.

    The fortune telling is pretty accurate I do remember that it said that we will both do well after going through a bad time isn't that life though I do remember however that it took us over an hour to figure out the instructions for the tarot card reading so I am not too sure on the readings.

    I am very happy and amazed that it has already been 6 years and can not wait to see what happens next.