Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I pray for

Career fulfillment
Enough money to remain self sufficient throughout my life
Open myself up to new relationships
Good mental and physical health for myself and others
Ways I can be of assistance to others
A resolution with Davy
Dave's health and happiness
Reunification with my parents/family
Moral and religious guidance
The ability to forgive others
To forgive myself
Not to care about Bill
Progress with my hair product line
Not to think about Bill
The ability to love myself and to love others
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Herbs, food, and things pt 2

I'm sure you spent the last few hours incessantly refreshing the blog for the conclusion to the riveting Herbs Food and Things cliffhanger. Well Reader, thanks to boredom and chronic insomnia you're prayers have been answered. Take a deep breath and feast your eyes on the foraged delectables below.

Dandelion lead tincture
Dandelion root vinegar
Bitter greens grilled cheese (dandelion and bittersweet)

Herb infused honey
Thyme and rosemary
Saffron and cardamom
Lemon and ginger

Batter-fried dandelion blossoms

Spruce beer (alcoholic...tasty) and Spruce beer (soda...completely undrinkable)

Fresh picked nettle
Nettle tincture
Dried nettle (tea)
Handmade nettle and a reverse pesto (cream reduction w/sundried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, garlic, and nutmeg)

Ahhh so that pretty much covers my social life for the past three months. I want to keep a record of the awesome shit I create, so when I'm having a loser moment I can have visual proof of some of the amazing things I create, and remind myself that I'm pretty darn great.

Random thoughts:
I wish I had a eccentric adventurous companion who'd be willing to take a road trip to the nudist camp in VT. Points if said companion's hot.

Beautiful Creatures is a terrible movie. No, Twilight is a terrible movie. Beautiful creatures is abysmal. The fact that it boasts four Oscar winners is mind-boggling.

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Herbs, food and things pt 1

I'm in the middle of a 9 month herbal mentorship with Margi Flint of Marblehead. Below is a pictorial account of my adventures in herbs, cooking, and general awesomeness in the kitchen.

Oscar party: Fig and juniper pizza, porcini shortbread, nettle party dip, and chamomile liquor

porcini cookies

Chamomile liquor

Leaf litter caramel (leaf litter: decayed leaves found on the forest floor in the dead of winter)

Pine and black pepper gingerbread

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's been awhile

Why hello Reader, it's been a long time, three years if memory serves. I've abandoned you for a new love, who I affectionally call Twitter. She's low maintenance, easy, and discreet. She has listened with rapt attention as I described countless trips to Dunkin Donuts, she's introduced me to underused internet slang such as 'Epic' 'Rachet' and 'SMH'. I've taken her on numerous adventures nationally and abroad, and she's stood by me during my lows, of which there have been many, but alas that wasn't enough dear Reader. I wanted more....and along came Facebook.

Facebook is everything Twitter isn't. She's in your face, overbearing, and tacky. She's the girl who drinks too much at parties, rocks big hair, heavy eyeliner eyeshadow and a full set of acrylic squared-off Jersey nails, and won't shut the hell up. Why keep Dunkin Donuts rants to 140 character minimum, when you can flesh it out to an entire paragraph, include a picture, and have people 'like' and support your mediocrity. The perfect companion...or so I thought. It became too much, Reader. The hourly updates on the conditions of a 'friend's' uterus, the pressure to 'like' someone's relationship status...I had to leave.

And so I'm back. It's just you and me forever my Love.

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