Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's been awhile

Why hello Reader, it's been a long time, three years if memory serves. I've abandoned you for a new love, who I affectionally call Twitter. She's low maintenance, easy, and discreet. She has listened with rapt attention as I described countless trips to Dunkin Donuts, she's introduced me to underused internet slang such as 'Epic' 'Rachet' and 'SMH'. I've taken her on numerous adventures nationally and abroad, and she's stood by me during my lows, of which there have been many, but alas that wasn't enough dear Reader. I wanted more....and along came Facebook.

Facebook is everything Twitter isn't. She's in your face, overbearing, and tacky. She's the girl who drinks too much at parties, rocks big hair, heavy eyeliner eyeshadow and a full set of acrylic squared-off Jersey nails, and won't shut the hell up. Why keep Dunkin Donuts rants to 140 character minimum, when you can flesh it out to an entire paragraph, include a picture, and have people 'like' and support your mediocrity. The perfect companion...or so I thought. It became too much, Reader. The hourly updates on the conditions of a 'friend's' uterus, the pressure to 'like' someone's relationship status...I had to leave.

And so I'm back. It's just you and me forever my Love.

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